Thursday Tasks
  1. Charge Time Clock (Mark)
  2. Sort out volunteer shirts by group
  3. Get zip ties, twist ties, and flagging tape (Mark)
  4. Double check buoy locations (Mark)
  5. Prep Swag bag stuff
  6. Assign Race Numbers
  7. Print Waivers for Teams (Katie)
Friday Tasks
  1. Print check-in sheets
  2. Setup check-in station
  3. Take Boat out to lake (David)
  4. Meet w/ Sweet Pea (Hailey/Tom)
  5. Take trailer out to lake (Mark)
  6. Setup Bike Racks
  7. Batteries for stop watches (Katie)
Saturday Tasks
  1. Place Buoys
  2. Take down beach swim area ropes (Jerry)
  3. Setup swim finish and runway
  4. Setup check-in spot
  5. Setup command van
  6. Setup time entry computer
  7. Setup generator and time clock on beach
  8. Setup water stations