Hammer Racing Tips

Your body needs to run at peak capacity so you can get your best result during the event. Do you have your nutrition, hydration, and fueling needs locked down? Here are a few tips to get started and make sure your body runs at peak capacity on race day!

Tip #1 Hydration: Replenish, don't replace! Keep fluid intake below 25 oz./hr during exercise. Find out how much.

Tip #2 Caloric Intake: Stay fueled, but not overwhelmed, by consuming 120-180 calories/hr. Are carbs best?

Tip #3 Electrolytes:You need an array of vitamins and minerals, not just salt, to finish strong. What do you need?

Tip #4 Pre-Event Fueling: Don't tax your system with a meal within 3 hours of start time. But what if you're hungry?

Tip #5 Recovery: Refuel your tank with 60 minutes of finishing a workout. Are carbs or protein better?