Montana’s Biggest Event Secret
The Lake Como Triathlon™

The Lake Como Triathlon™ is a race through scenic mountain settings and adventurous territory.  Named after the famous Lake Como of Italy, the Bitterroots' Lake Como has attracted athletes, mountain bikers, climbers, skiers, and campers for years.  We have swam the early morning glass-calm waters; mountain biked scenic loops, and  run the perimeter through the ferns and woods.  Now, we will all have the opportunity to experience these adventures together!  

The Lake Como Triathlon™ has been a word-of-mouth race; few people know about it, yet word is spreading.  Popularity of the area has grown from a few athletes to a small crowd enjoying the location and training for open water swims; the likes of which had never been seen before and beach visitors scrutinized wet-suited athletes as if they were creatures from the black lagoon.  Now, people are more familiar with the regular usage and often inquire, "Are you training for a triathlon?"

 The swim is 1500+/- yards, the bike is 12.6 miles of Forest Service roads and three+ single tracks, and finally, the 7.7 mile trail run follows the perimeter of the Lake--crossing Rock Creek Falls at midpoint.   

Good secrets are hard to keep. Spread the word on this one.

A Nature-Inspired Adrenalin Rush to Please Your Athletic Soul.

We look forward to another great triathlon at Lake Como!


**This event is authorized under a Special Use Permit to take place in the Bitterroot National Forest.